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A Better Alternative than Bottled Water

Sometimes, the taste and smell of well water is unpleasant. Purchasing bottled water is expensive and environmentally irresponsible. A cost-effective and greener alternative is a water filtration system for home use. Water filters range from simple to elaborate. Understanding the function of each will help determine which is best for you.


All water filtration systems remove unwanted minerals and contaminants from tap water to make it more drinkable. Some filtration units use simple activated charcoal or carbon element filters. Others use electronic or mechanical means of filtration. Some are meant only to remove relatively large particles such as sand and mud from the household water sources while others are meant to remove potentially harmful contaminants such as arsenic or bacteria. Everyone should have their water tested before using a water filtration system to determine what contaminants are present in order to purchase the appropriate filtration system.

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